Building an enabling environment and a connected ecosystem ​

for women and youth entrepreneurs in Port Sudan and Kassala States

Enterprise Development Journey:

The steps of WE-RISE!’s business
development support project



All women and youth entrepreneurs in Port Sudan and Kassala States are invited to participate in the WE-RISE! entrepreneurship project.

Training & Funding

All the ventures that are selected to participate in the project will be supported with business development services. Each entrepreneur will take part in a three-month incubation project.


You will receive coaching on a one-on-one level. This will allow all businesses to take the next steps for their enterprise.


The final step for the venture’s development process includes the making of effective and productive partnerships. On the Demo Day the ventures will pitch their innovative business ideas.
We invite all interested individuals to submit their applications for consideration before the 20th of November.

Tailor-made training

The training that will be conducted ensures development of innovative ideas and concepts, specifically relevant in the current context of Sudan. The training makes use of relevant puzzle pieces such as:

The Business Model
Market Activation
Partnership Building
Communication and Leadership
WE-RISE! Program
WE-RISE! Program_

The purpose of the WE-RISE! initiative is to build the capacity of young women living in vulnerable situations and strengthen their leadership skills to help them build thriving businesses to contribute to the (re)building of the value-chains of their countries.

WE-RISE!: Women Empowerment for Resilience, Inclusion, Sustainability, Environment!

Meet The Ventures

150 ventures will be selected to participate in the WE-RISE! Initiative. When the time comes, this is where you will be able to find everything about who they are, what they do, and what they want to achieve!